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Say Yes To Giving Back!

REBSEA Realtor Gives Back to Single Parents 

       A REBSEA Member with a Unique Mission

 REBSEA  members support the entire range of charities and worthy causes, often chosen based on their personal experiences.   Our newest member, Realtor Amber Gunn from Austin, Texas has developed a passion for helping single mothers as a way of Giving Back to all of the members of her community who came forward on so many occasions to help her when she was struggling while doing "the world's most difficult job".  Please read the article below written by Amber and be sure to click on the link about Kindle Project, a nonprofit created by Amber to support the needs of single mothers.

                                                              Amber Gunn

As a single mother of 15 years now, I have a deep passion for inspiring and paying it forward to other single parents. So many people gave me so much I didn't deserve throughout my journey, and now I was in a place where I could give back.

It started with me donating my commission on the both the list and buy side of the real estate transactions I represent single parents on. It had been a burning desire in my heart to give back to this demographic, and I needed to start "doing" something instead of just "talking". That turned in to me being a connector in a lot of other different ways where I could transform lives connecting single parents with people passionate about giving. Thus the inception of our own nonprofit, "The Kindle Project"... Definition: v. to ignite, excite, to stir up

Kindle Project

I have also spent a lot of time donating my time and resources to Arms of Hope in Medina, TX, another nonprofit working with single mothers, as well as Promiseland Church's Mercy House in Austin, TX. 

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