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Say Yes To Giving Back!

 Nonprofit Organizations are interested working with REBSEA members

NPOs are contacting REBSEA now on a regular basis to ask how they can work with our members to generate donations.  We respond by explaining how our program works and giving them the following options;

1) If they are a local NPO they should go to  REBSEA Member Directory and open our Member Directory where they will find a REBSEA member in their community or the closest member to their location.  They can contact our member directly and ask if they are interested in supporting their organization.  Each of our members chooses the NPOs that they wish to support in their community and after a closing they make a donation to one of the NPOs in their community.  The NPOs that our members choose to support inform their supporters and donors about the REBSEA Program and introduce our local member.  REBSEA members are currently real estate agents, brokers, mortgage brokers, lenders, and insurance agents.  REBSEA will be broadening this list over time to include ALL types of businesses that Give Back to their community by donating to NPOs when the public chooses to do business with them.

2) If they are a local NPO they can reach out to their database of supporters and inquire if there are any real estate agents, brokers, mortgage brokers, lenders, or insurance agents who are interested in joining REBSEA and working to direct donations to their organization.  In addition to charities this applies to religious organizations such as churches, alumni associations of colleges and universities, and any other type of  NPO that depends on donations and contributions to accomplish their mission. Please see a listing of the Nonprofits currently receiving donations form REBSEA members Nonprofits Receiving Donations from REBSEA Members

3) If they are a local NPO that is a chapter of a national or international NPO they can reach out to the leadership of the parent organization to encourage them to participate in the REBSEA Program by informing all of their local chapters about the REBSEA Program and explaining that they can follow the above procedures for working with REBSEA members in their community.

REBSEA is  a Nonprofit Trade Association currently accepting applications for membership from professionals in the following industries: Real Estate, Lending, and Insurance. To learn more about joining our program of “Just Say Yes to Giving Back” please visit Join REBSEA

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