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Say Yes To Giving Back!

REACH-OUT for Charities

REBSEA Members are a diverse group of Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, and business people who donate a part of their commissions or income to a Nonprofit Organization in their community. REBSEA member Phillip E. Neff has a specific vision of what is greatly needed in our society today to address the present and future challenges we face. We are sure that you will find his concept and model both interesting and important. He founded REACH-OUT for Charities as a referral service which is free to join and will bring you added business while providing one more way to make a difference in your community. We encourage all who are interested in joining REACH-OUT for Charities to contact Phil directly. Here is an open letter from Phil to REBSEA members and supporters;

REACH- OUT for Charities
1375 Old Plank Road
Milford, Mi. 48381
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Dear Friends,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Phillip Neff. I am the president of REACH-OUT for Charities and a member of REBSEA. I have exciting news for you through REBSEA. REACH-OUT for Charities is a new concept in non-profits. We are a referral service which does not cost you anything to join and helps you gain a greater share of the market!
We are an organization dedicated to helping non-profit organizations grow and thrive. We are Real Estate agents across the country with a passion for serving our communities, churches, synagogues, temples, food banks, Red Cross, UNICEF, etc. etc. etc.
Let me explain who I am, why I started REACH-OUT for Charities and how we work.
I am the eighth of nine children and the only boy (6) to graduate from High School and the only to get a college education. I was ready to follow my brothers and drop out of school and join the service but my life was changed on June 23, 1963 when I took my girlfriend downtown in Detroit to hear Walter Ruther speak at a rally. He was a friend of my father and I was trying to impress her. Neither of us was impressed.
Another speaker did impress me and changed my life forever. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I have a Dream speech” first in Detroit. Two months later he gave it again in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
On that day I decided I was going to complete school and go to college. I graduated in 1965 and started college but was needed elsewhere. I did join the Army and spent 5 – ½ years serving my country. After my service I went back to school and graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Business. Following my example my children completed college and have done very well.
Something was missing though; something else had to be done. I needed to pass it forward!
My home is paid off, I have no car payments, my children are grown and on their own. My wife and I tithe over 15% to our church every year and we donate to several other charities. We do not want for anything and thus we are able to help others that want for bare necessities. I am not dependent on my real estate commissions and thus donate over 50% of them to charities. I cover my expenses and receive the greatest gift possible when I am able to bring a family together with their home.
I started REACH-OUT for Charities to unite many other Real Estate Agents in a cause to help our fellow man. The Real Estate Agents are selected by locale, dedication to community and record of charity. We do not accept house flippers or foreclosure specialists as they are only interested in their pockets and do a poor job of servicing their clients. We only want people who want to help and are able to do so.
Every Real Estate Agent is familiar with the cost of doing business. In the past few years many of us paid up to 40% of our commissions to get a referral that would provide a spendable commission knowing well that the 40% was going into someone’s pocket.
Would you pay a 25% referral fee for a sale you would not have otherwise received if you knew the proceeds were going to a charity that benefits us all? We receive contacts from clients that need a good Real Estate Agent to help them buy or sell a home. We pass the referrals on to agents to assist the clients.
The agents representing REACH-OUT for Charities are selected because they are community oriented. They give back and that is why we select them. We want to help those agents in helping their communities which in turn helps us in our primary goal. REBSEA agents have already proven they are the type we want affiliated with us. By working with us you will be able to receive more business and be able to make a difference more so in your community.
REACH OUT for Charities (REACH OUT is an acronym for Real Estate Agents for CHarities, One United Team) is dedicated to educating youth in impoverished areas of the country. Our goal is to enable children to have a dream and give them the means of achieving that dream. This is accomplished through a twofold agenda. First, the referral fees paid by the agents goes into a scholarship fund that provides up to a full ride scholarships to students that have the ability to achieve college level work but not the means of paying for it. Our scholarships are dedicated to Math, Science, Engineering and Medicine. We love the arts but we need these more. The students that complete their education are not saddled with onerous student loans which allow them to elevate their lives much sooner. While in school the students are required to mentor other students and work with young people in their home areas to help their mentees attain the same outcome. This teaches the recipients the value of giving back to their communities.
The second and most important part of our program is the “Adopt a School” program. In this program we enlist those in the community weather they are an individual or an organization to adopt a school for a donation of $25,000.00 per year. This program provides each child a subscription to National Geographic, age specific, delivered to their homes in their name. The purpose of this is to get the children interested in the world outside their block. They may not be able to read the magazine at the onset but it will drive them to reading as they will want to know what the pictures they see are all about. In middle school they will also receive Scientific American which will open their minds to the sciences and the miracles that represents. A child that receives something in the mail in their name finds it to be precious and can’t wait for the next issue. Along with the magazines REACH OUT will also provide tutoring in English and Math both in the classroom to help the teachers when and where needed and after school when possible.
It will take more than one Adopter for most schools and it is important the Adopters get involved with the schools they adopt to help the children and their families know that someone cares about them and will help them break the bondage their circumstances has them trapped in. As Hillary Clinton wrote, “It takes a village.” We intend to help develop a greater village.
This is a thumbnail of our program. What we need is you and your organization to get involved with us. If you have a mailing list, send our information to your members to inform them about us. You and your organization are our messengers and our advertising. We do not have the funds to mount a great advertising campaign and rely on word of mouth and your good graces to help us. By helping us you are improving all of us and helping our great nation get back where it belongs as the best educated country in the world.

If you would like to know more contact us through: www.reachoutforcharities.org

You can also reach me directly through:

Phillip E. Neff
President, Reach Out for Charities
1375 Old Plank Road
Milford, Michigan 48381

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