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Say Yes To Giving Back!

  Realtors as Super Heroes?

As the Avengers begin to dominate the big screen with their Super Hero deeds it is time to recognize that we have Super Heroes right here in our own communities.  These are the Realtors, lenders, and insurance agents who care about the fate of the less fortunate and do their part to help by donating part of their commission to the Nonprofit Organizations in their community.

This team of 'Super Heroes' band together in an alliance with the Nonprofits who want to remedy injustices against those who need our help the most.......our Veterans, the Homeless, Animals, Children, and take action against the oppressive diseases such as Cancer that ravage the land. 

Yes, we have everyday Super Heroes among us.  Their weapons are not the swords or bolts of lightning of the Avengers, but instead are the donations they give to local Nonprofits from their commissions.  If you buy, sell, mortgage or insure your property with the help of these Super Heroes you will be helping to make your community a better place to live for the many who need our help.

It is not easy to pick the right agent to help you with the most significant investment you may ever make but having the help of a Super Hero makes the task seem a bit more heroic.  This team of Super Heroes have banded together and created a force more powerful than any Marvel creation; a Nonprofit Trade Association called REBSEA, the Real Estate and Business Social Enterprises Association, REBSEA website

To find a Super Hero in your city in the U.S. or Canada and make your community a better place to live please visit:

REBSEA Member Directory

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